Improve Brand Reputation by Managing Reviews Across the Tnternet

Building a reputable brand online takes time, effort, and quality. The quality of what you provide is the most important thing people will consider when reviewing your service or product, no matter the form of the review.

Multiple platforms which allow consumers to leave a review on a brand have emerged over the years. The thing is that managing and collecting them all can be very time-consuming, especially if you already have a fair number of reviews scattered across the internet.

Using resources to do this manually seemed like the only option some time ago, but not anymore! Nowadays, you can collect reviews from over 50 platforms and build your online reputation with a single tool. Let’s see what this time-saving tool is and how it can help you and your business.

Grab Your Reviews

Grab Your Reviews website

Grab Your Reviews is the ultimate solution for gathering and managing information on your customer feedback from all over the internet. This platform is suitable for any business with reviews on different platforms, such as Airbnb, Expedia, Facebook, Google, Play Store, TripAdvisor, and many others.

As you can see, Grab Your Reviews is a top choice for the majority niche since it covers anything from vacation and traveling review platforms to general platforms like Google Reviews. Now comes the exciting part – you might have reviews on these platforms without knowing about them!

This is a benefit if the reviews are positive and encourage new customers. However, a bad review will happen sooner or later, as with any company. This is when serious brand reputation management kicks in, so let’s see how to do it through the Grab Your Reviews management system.

Review Management

Now comes this tool’s feature that makes it unique and valuable in everyday work within every organization. In case you are wondering, review management is essential for creating a marketing strategy. If you already have a person responsible for this, you can enrich their toolbox with Grab Your Reviews.

As with any marketing tool, the main reason to use it is to promote your business’s growth and create a better image. This is possible with practical and simple-to-use tools for review generation, monitoring, marketing, and reporting.

As you can see, the features are put chronologically. They take the complete review management journey from asking for reviews from users through monitoring the results and marketing them to reports which will help you understand how reviews perform in different directions.

Review Generation

GYR Review generation

Asking for reviews is fairly easy if you have established good communication with your customer. However, in most cases, it is not a number-one priority, and if it is left to be done by a person, most likely is that it’s going to be forgotten.

This is the exact reason Grow Your Reviews offers an ultimate feature for attracting and approaching clients. The automatization-enabled feature will help customers navigate the review process using universal platforms like Facebook and Google.

Review Monitoring

Now comes the time-saving part – suppose your brand is present on dozens of review platforms. If you want to make sure you are updated with reviews, you would have to check each of the platforms by yourself. Only opening ten or twenty different websites can take a few minutes.

A few minutes are a reasonable investment of time, but if done daily and repeatedly, it can accumulate to a full working day in a year. Using Grow Your Reviews, you can have an overlook of the reviews from a single centralized page. This is great since you will not miss reviews from the platforms that usually are not that popular among the customers but hold great value.

Review Marketing

GYR Review marketing

Now that you have a bird’s eye perspective on what your customers say about your brand let’s see how you can utilize it for marketing purposes. Not every customer will go on all platforms to check what others say about you, but almost all of them are curious to know.

Grow Your Reviews allows you to integrate reviews from different platforms in the same style layout that you can easily place on your website. It comes with a sharing feature that enables you to share individual reviews on your social media, yet another marketing approach worth considering.

Review Reporting

After some time, the software will gather some data. In the world of digitalization, data are becoming one of the most valuable assets an individual or business can have. This is an excellent opportunity to analytically see who your customers are and what they say about you in the bigger picture.

Parts of the reports can also be used for marketing purposes, but the main goal is to genuinely understand what is behind them. Review reports will help you strategize and plan to increase your customer satisfaction and enhance their experience.

Integrations are easy!

GYR integrations

With many different tools, the main question the average business owner can have is how it integrates into existing digital infrastructure. In the case of Grow Your Reviews, the answer is simple – without any problems.

This tool integrates more than five thousand different platforms. Yes, you read that correctly! Using API, you can connect all your review management data to Google Sheets, WooCommerce, ClickFunnels, simPro… The list is endless, and with it, the possibilities and chances to benefit!

Why does it matter?

Since we already mentioned that all the existing companies have positive and negative reviews, one might wonder why I should care about mine. Well, let’s put it like this. Not utilizing existing reviews, monitoring coming ones, and not encouraging customers to leave the reviews is like spilling resources down the drain. You are missing marketing opportunities, development ideas, and honest feedback. The average user will leave a review and then maybe contact you about their thoughts on your company if you are lucky.


To truly find space for development, one needs to have a good overview of what is happening around the business. It is not only about internal matters and how the development of the new feature is progressing.

Giving a close look at your reviews with Grab Your Reviews will help you understand if the direction you are going to is the one you want to take while having a mirror to the results you created in the past, coming directly from your customers!