Top Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Searching for a list of available SEO-related Chrome extensions to help you operate more efficiently and effectively? Then don’t look any further. If you’re engaged in SEO for your webspace, you know how time-consuming it can be. There is a lot to accomplish, from choosing keywords to verifying redirection and conducting outreach. We understand how difficult it is to juggle everything.

This is where the finest SEO extensions for Chrome can help.

This isn’t a random selection of extensions. We tested each of these tools and determined that they are worthy of your consideration. But first, let’s learn a little bit more about Chrome extensions and why are they important for business.

What exactly is a Chrome Extension?

To put it simply, Chrome extensions are little application add-ons that you may install in your Chrome to improve its functionality and help your productivity. Created by corporations or individual developers from practically every country on the planet. Each Chrome extension adds a whole new functionality to your browser or modifies an existing one.

Why are extensions for SEO important?

To put it mildly, the job of an SEO or online marketer is not easy. Each marketer is in charge of a wide range of activities, including website optimization, campaign design, social media administration, email production, and much more. Furthermore, a proper understanding of analytics- online marketing is a hectic bunch.

As a result, many digital marketers prefer to use Google Chrome extensions to perform their tasks easier than others. Using the right Chrome extension can enhance your workflow so much that you may no longer need your massive advertising tools. That is impressive, right? Let’s take a quick look at a few of the best Google Chrome extensions for SEO and online marketers that we gathered.

Top Google Chrome Extensions for SEO


Similarweb extension website

Thanks to Similarweb, analyzing rival websites and verifying posted online for your web pages on the fly is a breeze. This free Browser extension allows you to validate statistics on just about any website, making it easier to check the source of traffic, geographical popularity, and other critical information.

It’s a fantastic addition to your SEO toolset if you want to quickly acquire a plethora of info about your website and others in the same area. There is no limit to the number of sites you may check, which would be a welcome addition to the extension’s already comprehensive functionality.

SEO Toolbar by Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO toolbar

The name of this extension is the one to remember when it comes to SEO tools. Its SEO Toolbar is a browser plugin that features an on-page optimization analysis, a broken link analyzer, and an HTTP protocols redirect tracer. On a single page, you may also view the total number of words, the release and modification dates, the title, meta descriptions, and other information.

Additional features include the ability to see keyword volume in the SERPs right away and the ability to export data if you are a paid member. Both the free and commercial versions are quite useful, giving a wealth of information to aid with competitor analysis and keyword research.


When it comes to creating content for your website, spelling and grammar are crucial. Whenever you post a blog article or article, use the Grammarly browser plugin to spot little mistakes and create smarter word choices. Grammarly aids in the development of content writing abilities. It corrects and suggests better phrases, resulting in a substantial alteration in the content. It assists you in eliminating writing faults and locating the best-suited terms for your material.

Furthermore, it works on every page that you have open in your browser. That includes social media posts, email responses, eCommerce product descriptions, and much more. Grammarly is a product that every digital agency should have access to, even if it isn’t specifically an SEO tool.

Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant

This Google extension helps to check the characteristics of the various Google tags on any web page. It also serves as a troubleshooter for Google tags like Analytics, Tag Manager, and others. With the Tag Assistant plugin, you can check to verify if your Html elements have been properly positioned within your code.

It accomplishes this by keeping track of visits and evaluating tracking tags. It will alert you if there is a mistake so that you may correct it. Overall, don’t be fooled by the extension’s simplicity. Once you begin using it, you’ll realize how useful it is.


BuzzSumo homepage

Content of excellent quality that is widely shared on social media has a better chance of ranking in Search engines. This indicates that it has piqued people’s curiosity. It’s also easier to gain backlinks to engaging material.

The BuzzSumo Chrome plugin displays the number of social shares an item has received as well as the number of backlinks it has accumulated. On the other side, you may visit your rival’s website to see which of their postings has the most likes, shares, and backlinks.


VidIQ homepage

SEO comprises ranking your website content across multiple platforms, including YouTube. VidIQ is still a fantastic plugin for understanding your YouTube SEO statistics. This extension provides you with information about your videos, such as the number of clicks, comments, likes, number of network media shares, number of links, and so on. This Chrome extension provides you with all of the information you need in seconds to stay ahead of your competition.


Surfer homepage

Surfer is one of the most dependable SEO Chrome extensions available, allowing you to optimize your text as you write it. You may use the tool to enter your goal term and afterward install the SEO extension while writing your content.

The tool will advise you on the best quantity of words, headers, paragraphs, and graphics to use. Furthermore, it will display all of the key phrases that you must employ, as well as their frequency, so that you may optimize your article.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article was of some help to you, and you found the perfect SEO tool to implement. Have any other recommendations or favorites? Feel free to share in the comments section below.