5 Types of Interactive Content You Should Use To Stand Out

Plain text on a page can be boring for many readers. No matter how good your copy is, walls of text are not very easy on the eyes. That’s why modern site owners need interactive content. It not only looks visually appealing but will keep your readers on the site for longer periods of time. So, let’s take a look at the five types of interactive content that will help you stand out.

Use polls or quizzes

Tablet quiz

If you offer skincare products, why not create a quiz where visitors can try to find the ideal product for their skin type. Using clickable quizzes and polls, you can easily collect important information about your visitors. You can also run polls to see what topics they find most interesting. Then, concentrate your efforts on those topics. Aside from polls and quizzes, surveys are also a great way to gather customer feedback, so don’t forget about them either.

Use aesthetically appealing illustrations and animations

More people are drawn to vibrant illustrations and animations than they are dull, repetitive images. Think how fun it would be if you introduced engaging animations to those visual materials and allowed users to interact with them or click on animations somehow. This is a fantastic concept to explore, especially since we live in a very short-attention-span era – you have to know how to grab it and keep it. Even though this will take a little more work, it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Use interactive leaflets and eBooks to emphasize important points

A book and a Kindle

You will enjoy the concept of interactive PDFs that let you scroll around the text, place animations inside the plain text, create connections, and open windows with further relevant data, etc. Using this technique, reading a newspaper or magazine can become much more entertaining. You can also include short videos or the possibility to zoom in or zoom out on specific elements that interest you. All of these brochures and eBooks can also be optimized for search engine optimization, so you can use them as an additional plan to bring in new visitors and make it easier for them to find you.

Interactive calculators and converters are an easy way to draw attention

This is not only u useful addition but adds that extra layer of personalization customers love. But why would you need a calculator on your site? If you write about cryptos, maybe add a converter. If you own an e-commerce clothing shop, a size converter so that both American and European users can browse without worry.

Use chatbots to build a relationship with customers

Chat bot

As part of providing customer care, most top websites incorporate chatbots into their websites’ interactive content. Therefore, communication between the brand and the customer is simplified, and businesses no longer need to employ someone to continually monitor customer emails or messages. You can also use this opportunity to educate your customers about your products and promotional offers.


These are just some ways you can spice up your content. They’re all reasonably low effort but can offer massive returns. Not only do they serve as promotional content, but they are also sure to draw in more visitors. Why not try more interactive content and see what suits you best?