How To Organize Content Ideas on Digital Whiteboards

Brainstorming is crucial in developing any high-quality product or service since it all starts with an idea. Sometimes it is hard to brainstorm content ideas without using additional visual aids. Scribbles, notes, and keyword research is sometimes not enough to put it all in a coherent unit or, as people love to say, “make sense of it all”.

Since we can all agree that a digital whiteboard would be a great solution to brainstorming teams, today we are introducing you to one of the best digital whiteboards available – ContextMinds. Therefore, the main focus of this article is on the efficient and smart organization of content ideas on digital whiteboards.

What is ContextMinds?

ContextMinds website

ContextMinds is a powerful tool that helps you easily organize content ideas digitally. Equipped with AI-generated keyword suggestions, ContextMinds will let you turn your content ideas into outlines, maps, etc. The user-friendly nature of mind maps, as well as the ability to research, visualize and organize content ideas, is an aspect that gives this tool an edge over the competition. AI generated topics and keywords come automatically and in real time. To enable easy manipulation of given suggestions, ContextMinds uses the drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to place or group suggestions as you wish.

Additionally, an AI research assistant is a great feature to give you an in-depth insight into the research simply by clicking on a topic or keyword. It will provide detailed information regarding keyword metrics, SERP results, or even short paragraphs generated by the AI. Even if you want to add such resources to pinned notes to keep track of your research – no problem.

Why choose ContextMinds?

ContextMinds features

With ContextMinds you can share mind maps with other members of your team, clients, or whoever is aligned with the content, whether it is a sitemap, strategy, or just a visual outline. Exporting, as an important aspect of it, is also made easy, and users now enjoy the possibility of exporting to PDF, SVG, a text document, or another document form that your team will access easily anytime, from anywhere. Considering that some people prefer sharing a link accessible to anyone, ContextMinds will let them do so without even creating an account.

The best part is that whatever you do – ContextMinds will remember. To say simply, there is no way you will lose a good content idea again. The power of AI allows you to find any keywords from previous maps and access all the resources instantly.

Wrapping up

Keeping track of all the great ideas that come from you and your team while brainstorming can be hard. Thanks to ContextMinds, that is no longer the case, and organizing your ideas with a powerful AI integrated will be as fun as possible. It is a unique solution for many content creators, bloggers, and marketers worldwide and a great alternative to software like Miro, WriterZen, Frase, and similar. ContextMinds is also equipped with a powerful AI system that allows white labeling.

With this one, not only will no idea slide by ever again, but you will also be able to create SEO-optimized content ideas in a matter of minutes and never lose any of them again. Anything you create will be saved, and at your disposal anytime you want to reach for it.