Top 6 HubSpot Alternatives

HubSpot is an awesome customer relationship management platform that can empower companies by helping them acquire new visitors and converting them into consistent and regular customers. This platform provides you with a wide range of interactive chatbots and monitoring dashboards, online group chats, and other valuable resources that will help you and your business while analyzing your consumer shopping interactions.

You can achieve all that with HubSpot by combining several functions and enabling marketing efforts to handle all your business efforts in one location. But what if you want to try some other options on the market besides HubSpot? To help you do just that, we would like to present you with some alternatives.

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign homepage

If you are seeking an opportunity to engage with your customers without having to worry about linking different programs, then you will like Active Campaign. Active Campaign has a powerful customer relationship management system that lets companies achieve their goals when it comes to marketing and advertising by offering you the opportunity to plan for a variety of activities depending on your users’ actions.

There are numerous customizable emails and home page themes to choose from. Also, you can distribute newsletters or emails that are personalized according to the preferences of every one of your customers or clients. By doing so, you can keep making every experience unique and impactful.

When customers or visitors are the most engaged with your website, they will engage with you by responding to questions, trying to suggest solutions, negotiating contracts, or asking for feedback, which you can all manage from within this app.


Wishpond homepage

Wishpond enables users to design their personal pop-ups, and to customize them. By scheduling them to appear when customers wait, scroll, or try to leave you can better curate their experience. Also, Wishpond provides a fantastic selection of modern-looking layouts that are quite easy to install. You can also incorporate movements and animations into those pop-ups.

It will become an extremely useful tool for attracting new visitors. Wishpond features a variety of email layouts that are both trendy and simple to grasp. You can measure client engagement and characteristics, which will help you when creating email marketing campaigns.


GetResponse homepage

GetResponse is for you if you are looking for an email campaigns program that lets you construct your contact lists, gather information, and deliver newsletters to your subscribers and contact lists. This tool also offers the ability to create and design your website, funnels, forums, online chat rooms, efficient sales filters, and everything from scratch with a drag and drop tool. However, if you wish to use fully prepared templates and designs, you may do so as well.

Simply select your wanted email template or something else you wish to use, and it will be added instantly. You may also go through the template beforehand to check whether it suits the overall appearance you want for your website, message, or sales.


Aritic homepage

Aritic provides a number of useful client management features. You’ll get access to effective categorization possibilities and automation systems, as well as contact characterization and contact activity monitoring.

All of the previously mentioned will assist you in converting your visitors into customers. The ability to analyze customer behavior, offer activity monitoring, and classifications are some of their most important characteristics that will rock your world.


Drip homepage

Drip is another platform that will assist you in monitoring and analyzing your customers’ interactions with companies’ websites and branding. Other than providing you with these elements, Drip enables you to make any website increasingly appealing. You will be able to gain a better picture of how your current advertisement is performing.

By combining Google Analytics and other tools and plugins into one, you can easily save time and increase profits. This is a fantastic option for you and your business, especially if you run an eCommerce website.


Sendinblue homepage

The last on our list is Sendinblue. This tool comes with both basic and simple customers relationship management features as well as a large number of automatization, customization, and connection options. With it, you can easily boost customer engagement and your sales.

You can also select from a collection of ready-made themes and designs, and by utilizing a drag-and-drop editor, you can make email customization extremely simple. Another thing that you will probably like is the fact that they offer a free plan, which will allow you to try it out and see how much Sendinblue’s approach suits you.


After learning about some of the different HubSpot options, you can decide which one best meets your needs. Each option has benefits and drawbacks, and it is up to you to figure out which one best matches you and your requirements.