Top TikTok Analytics Tools for 2023

We’ve all heard about TikTok, right? A very popular app that allows you to make videos in any way you want. It has become widely spread and in that way, one of the most popular apps currently. You can earn by producing TikTok videos but for that, you need a certain following and good content that gets recognized. To know what drags your audience in and how you can gain views and followers, you need to study your analytics. In this article, we will dig into the top TikTok analytics tools for 2023.

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1. Analisa
The first tool on our list takes care not only of your analytics but also of your competitors. You can analyze your and their hashtags and profiles as well as analyze the age, location, and gender of your followers and in that way get closer to an idea of what kind of content you should make. You can also analyze and get insight into top posts and current influencers with Analisa and in that way help yourself with ideas and get more creative.

2. Popsters
This tool you can try for free and see how you’re liking it. With Popsters, you can easily analyze your social media content and get insight into what brings in the audience and grows your following and views. It can help you compare similar posts with different hashtags or posted at a different time and in that way you can stay ahead of the competition. You can compare anything you want and generate the best results!

3. Iconosquare
This social media analytics tool has added TikTok recently to their list of social media apps you can analyze. Iconosquare allows you to get detailed social media reports that you can automate and in that way never miss any of your reports. You can analyze every part of your content and uploads and in that way make data-driven decisions when thinking of content ideas to always stay on top.

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4. TikBuddy
TikBuddy is guaranteed to be your best buddy while tackling analytics. You can install it for free on Chrome and in that way get it automatically integrated into your TikTok account. This way you can manage your TikTok account for free and get the best and most detailed reports on your account and content. Even though this tool is offering you reports for free, that doesn’t mean that they are any less effective. Manage your account and track your data with your best buddy starting today.

5. Brand24
This tool in its’ definition cannot be described as a TikTok analytics tool but you can use it to track hashtags on multiple platforms, amongst all of them TikTok. Brand24 is best used as a media monitoring tool and you can do that for free because signing up is free. You can be instantly notified of any comments your visitors make and in that way build trust with them by responding quickly. You can easily track your blogs, comments and any other engagement your visitors make and in that way know what they want to see.

To conclude:
In this article, we have talked about the top TikTok analytics tools for 2023. We have mentioned 5 of those tools and have concluded that each one of them comes with unique features that will make sure you stay ahead of the competition and produce the most eye-catching content ever. Choose any of the 5 mentioned TikTok analytics tools and make sure that your analytics are always looked out for. You won’t go wrong no matter which one you decide to go for!