Best Link Building Tools in 2022 (Free & Paid)

High-quality links can improve your rankings and make a big difference in the SERPs. Link building is more than just posting links anywhere on the internet. You must build relationships by placing links only where they are valuable and relevant to the users.

Links give you the credibility needed to strengthen your authority; the higher the number of quality links directed towards your website, the higher your SEO ranking. It’s important to remember that links account for more than half of Google’s ranking considerations and criteria.

Also, you can attract new visitors and increase web traffic by link building and targeting relevant audiences and niches. Aside from this, link building and good links lead to higher SEO scores, greater revenue opportunities, increased visibility, lower bounce rates, etc.

With this in mind, having the right tool that will help you build links and keep track of relevant information regarding your links is very important. Manually doing all this work is almost impossible and takes up your precious time. Saving time allows you to focus on other parts of your website and your business, saving you money.

1. WP Links

WP Links homepage

If you are running your site on WordPress, then the WP Links plugin is a must-have link management tool. WP Links checks all links on your website, helps you control external and internal links, creates exit confirmation windows, sets up link rules, excludes links from rules, etc. When modifying settings for internal and external links, you can change many options.

You can choose where links will open, either in the same window or tab, each in a separate window or tab, all in the same new window or tab, or the topmost frame. Next, you can choose between the follow and nofollow attributes for improving SEO, add values to the “rel” attribute such as “noopener”, “noreferrer”, “external”, “sponsored”, “ugc”, etc., set the “title” property, add CSS classes for the settings that will apply, and add icons to links. You can also modify settings for excluded links similarly to external and internal links.

To apply exceptions, you can choose between exceptions to posts, comments, widgets, or all of them, skip pages or posts by their ID, ignore links by CSS class, include external links by URL, exclude external links, etc. Another great feature is the Link Checker. It scans your website for broken links and notifies you about the findings. Aside from these options, you can also create link rules for links containing certain keywords to modify them and assign them specific settings without regard to other rules.


Hunter homepage is a link-building tool for those who need to find a link prospect’s contact information. It streamlines the outreach to link prospects. The best feature this tool offers Is the email finder tool that helps you find contacts’ email addresses.

3. Ahrefs Broken Link Checker

Ahrefs Broken Link Checker website

Ahrefs Broken Link Checker is a tool that lets you quickly find broken internal and external links for any website. With the information obtained from this tool, you can fix any backlinks that are broken. You can also find new opportunities by scanning other websites for broken links.

4. UberSuggest Backlink Analyzer

UbberSuggest Backlink Analyzer website

UberSuggest Backlink Analyzer is a simple tool that helps you check a website’s backlink profile. This tool’s main feature and strength is the report that gives you a complete breakdown of a wanted domain’s link profile. You can get information about the total number of backlinks, referring domains, and current domain authority.

5. JustReachOut

JustReachOut homepage

JustReachOut is another link-building tool that improves your outreach and communication with prospects. They offer an outreach interface for you to directly connect with site owners. You can use their ready-made templates to create engaging messages with options to get your messages reviewed by their editors.

6. Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search website

Google Advanced Search operators are very effective when finding relevant websites for backlinking purposes. When using the advanced search tool, you gain access to Google’s database of websites that you will not find in other places. On top of this, you can contact the website owner and ask if you can contribute with a guest post, where you can include backlinks to your website.

Final Thoughts

If you want to see real progress and succeed with your website, putting some effort into link building will go a long way. And with these tools, you will know if your links are working as you expect them to. Our favorite from the list is the WP Links WordPress plugin. It has a free trial and a free version without some features, so feel free to check it out.