7 WordPress Plugins That Add Interactivity for Students

The past couple of years significantly changed how students learn and interact with their courses and studies. WordPress is the most post popular platform for building websites. The plugin developers for this platform followed the trend and continued to deliver new and better solutions.

Nowadays, there are so many plugins that promise a variety of features. This makes getting lost in the ocean of possible solutions much more feasible, so we are bringing you a list of 7 WordPress plugins that add interactivity for students.


LearnDash homepage

LMS stands for Learning Management System, and one of the most popular solutions nowadays is LearnDash. This powerful WordPress plugin is used by universities, companies, and authors all across the globe. Courses can be designed differently and followed up by an advanced quiz system.

Do you want to reward the best students? No problem! LearnDash comes with the ultimate course point system, badges, and certificates. If you regularly give students assignments, this plugin makes the process easier and more beneficial. It is compatible with any WordPress theme.


HFiveP banner

Next on the list is a free solution built to create and share interactive content. H5P is a plugin that adds features like board and memory games and flashcards to your WordPress website. Since it is not a complete LMS, it will not cover all aspects of interacting with students.

Still, it will add some unique and responsive features that you can easily integrate into the existing setup. Combining it with other plugins to bring the functionalities you want present can make a tremendous and light system you might be looking for.

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS website

Going back to the turf of LMS, Tutor LMS is a powerful plugin that will become your best friend when building course user interfaces. Whether working in a team or providing courses on your own, this plugin has everything you need. It comes with a detailed yet easy-to-use dashboard from where you can control and monitor everything related to your courses.

WP Courseware

WP Courseware webiste

Speaking about user interfaces, we cannot skip WP Courseware which comes with a drag-and-drop builder allowing anyone with basic WordPress knowledge to build courses. The structure you can create with this plugin is excellent since every course has multiple modules, units, and quizzes. This way, learning, and monitoring are much more manageable!


Sensei LMS homepage

Coming from a team with several successful plugins, Sensei exceeds expectations. This simple, powerful, and flexible plugin integrates into your standard WordPress editor and allows you to create courses straight from it.

Courses built with Sensei can be enriched with videos, which is a great way to keep the focus and attention on the topic. On the other hand, if you wish to monetize your courses, achieving so with this plugin is straightforward. Since it runs on WordPress, it supports different payment processors and plugins, but the simple solution is to go with WooCommerce.

CM Answers

CM Answers banner

Sharing knowledge among students became rather tricky with the transition toward digital learning. This is why plugins such as CM Answers are a great way to keep students in one place, interacting and learning with each other.

CM Answers allows you to build forum-like web segments where students can post questions and answers. This creates a friendly atmosphere and embraces sharing, similar to Reddit, which is an excellent example of the importance of digital community and interactions.


LearnPress website

If you are exploring different LMS solutions, you must have stumbled upon Moodle. This platform provides a great user experience, and with LearnPress, you can create your own Moodle-like experience integrated into a WordPress website.

It’s a free plugin that allows you to reuse lessons and quizzes across multiple courses. This is great if you have various topics common to different courses. Similarly to some other solutions, it offers different payment solutions, so you can market your courses for a fee or free. This is great if you are running a for-profit website for courses.


Technology is expanding in different areas of everyday life. Learning and studying are not exceptions. If you are looking for ways to improve the quality of what you deliver to students, then stay on track and follow their needs. Online learning methodologies and platforms are still advancing, and we are far from perfect solutions.